Friday, March 17, 2006

Erin go Bragh

Happy Saint Patrick's Day all you beautiful people of Irish geneology. (OK, n every one else too)!
At work they passed out this survey on green paper, as a contest to win a prize. Like everyone's not gonna go home n google it to pieces...
I only know two answers for sure... Perhaps some of my Irish pals (like ya'll from Northern Belfast) know these answers. It doesn't really matter if I get the answers, cause there's no way I'm going in 3 hours before my shift to make the deadline, anyhow.
N TGIF, need rest!
Wish I had corned beef n cabbage too. It was my dad's fav meal, n the 16th was his mortal B-day when he would've had that meal, although he was of Scottish blood.
Here ya go:
1. Saint Patrick wasn't Irish. True or False?
2. What's Ireland's nickname? _______
3. W.B. Yeats is an Irish poet who loved to write about ______
a. leprechauns
b. fairies and ghosts
c. trolls
4. What Irish dance became popular in America in the early century?
5. A leprechaun is a ________
a. shoemaker
b. thief
c. magician
6. A popular Irish dish that is shredded cabbage, minced onions, and mashed potatoes is known as ______
a. mulligatawny
b. shepard's pie
c. colcannon
7. Kissing the Blarney Stone is supposed to do what? ______
a. give you good luck in love
b. remove shyness
c. heals you of warts
8. The color of green for Ireland stands for _____
a. nature
b. hope
c. life
9. What Irish plant represents the Trinity of the Catholic religion?
10. Saint Patrick is said to have removed what from Ireland? _____
a. frogs
b. lizards
c. snakes
11. The first Saint Patrick's Day parade was held during the American Revolution in what city?
a. Boston
b. New York
c. Washington DC
12. The Irish are said to have brought what breakfast to America? _____
13. What weed is known as the Irish daisy?
a. buttercup
b. dandelion
c. yellow daisy
14. The 1800's term "Paddy Wagon" comes from this _____
a. police wagons had a soft leather padding
b. when the drunk Irish were arrested,
... they all said their name was Paddy
c. the police station was in Paddington
15. What does "Erin go Bragh" mean?
a. Irish bragging rights
b. Ireland forever
c. Ireland the brave
Bonus 2 points
Which two rivers in the United States are dyed green every year on Saint Patrick's Day?
Remember the Green...
Answer Update:
1. T
2. Emerald Isle, Old Sod, The Bower, Four Green Fields
3. b
4. Irish Jig
5. a
6. c
7. b
8. a+b
9. Shamrock
10. a or c
11. b
12. oatmeal
13. a
14. b
15. b
Bonus- Chicago River, San Antonio River


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Ellen said...

Well guess what? I found all the questions at this site:

That must be where your work got them from, because they were all there as well as a few more.

Here are your answers:
1) true
2) The Emerald Isle
3) the Irish Jig
4) shoemaker
5) colcannon
6) gives the gift of eloquence, remove shyness and gives you the gift of gab.
7) nature and hope (although it also has a Catholic religious significance)
8) the shamrock
9) snakes
10) New York City
11) oatmeal
12) buttercup
13) when drunk Irish were arrested, they all said their name was *paddy*.
14) Ireland forever
15) Chicago and San Antonio (but let me tell you... Savannah Ga also dyes their river green on St. Patricks Day!)

Sorry I couldn't get these answers to you sooner... I would have loved to have you win a prize!

At 5:44 PM, Blogger UltimateWriter said...

OK I'll give it a shot:

4)thief, but a generous one
5)shepard's pie
6)heals warts
7)nature, lush green hills etc.
9)lizards, green ones
12) buttercup
13)b. said their name was Paddy
14) Ireland forever
15) Chicago and Missouri

Happy St.Patricks day.

At 6:29 PM, Blogger Neo said...

Snag - Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! *hugs*

And it falls on a Friday! Oh yeah!!!!

Sorry can't help much with the questions, I'm burned out from work. But I wanted to stop by and wish you a great day!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

At 3:21 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Hey all, I just updated with the answer list on the post.

Ellen, thanks for the search find, bet that's where they got 'em! Well, I got the answer list at work today and they're almost the same as yours, but a few are tricky because there's more than one answer- no I didn't get in early enough to win. Oh well...
I won a bet with a co-worker though- that some one would give me the answers here before work!
* Happy Pats Day 2U2 !

uw, Hi there, very good guesses!You are commended for your great imagination! I love the Riverdance answer....!
My guesses (without searching) had only 4 correct. I thought it was Boston too! (maybe it was just the 1st Gay parade that day)...
Green lizards, - are you from Florida?
* Happy Pats Day 2U2 !

Neo, I hope ya didn't drink too much Guiness (or brewski's)- or hope ya did! Fri n all- No contest for you today, you're actually an Irish descendent, so you're excused! Thanks for checkin in-
n *Hugs 4U2
* Happy Pats Day 2U2 !


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