Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Is 13 Lucky Today?

I'd really like to hit the 200 mil jackpot in the Mega-Mill Game tonight. I really need it. It's about the only thing that would lift off my high stress level. I'm getting so ticked about the ton's of garbage that's been dumped in front of my home this week, that I pick up and have to pay to throw away. I'm ready to go off- the next time a car parks next to the trees. That land is being left natural to protect three different endangered plant species, but they all dump away, never get caught, and make me look bad.

I haven't answered anyone's em this week yet, so if you're on the list, I apologize. Pretty lax for me, eh? Been off-line a couple days now, trying to get my brain in gear for my four-hour exam today, along with 500 others Capees wanting about 40 possible positions. Yuck! I've only played my violin once for fun this month, that's so much easier to do! I believe the last time I took a real test was MA state's "Applied Food Safety Certification" in '97 when I was at "have it your way," BK. Even though I've been testing myself at home on my new studies, I just wasn't prepared for this atmo of how the old High School with the hovering nuns used to feel... College never felt this oppressive! Ugh, I hate the little number 2 pencil computer dots and trying not to skip a question and erase... these things should be outlawed by now, you would think...

Well, the Nursing home here in town isin't quite the same as that visited in my past life, as previously reported. The problem now is all the mean, old, bossy nurses have been replaced with little girls, who ignore everything going on around them! The call-ring-tone blasts incessantly, just like a ringing telephone, and it's impossible to hang there without thinking you need to answer the phone the entire time! Some nice old folks say hi and race at -3 mph down the hall in wheel-chairs. And quadraplegic, young "Guy" is reportedly side-swiping nurses at every oportunity with his new state-of-the-art computerized motor-coach! Good for you, Guy, chasing those babes, even without any moving limbs to attack with! Of course, there's alot of strange speaking and singing going on, all being ignored. But the gaunt, listless, and dying way too slowly are still all too numerous and noticeable. I've been there twice this week, skipping today, and will try go back to see "Mr Wise-guy Triple Bypass, Buddy" again tomorrow.
Meanwhile, back on the ranch now that I can think again, I'm two birthday cards and a get well card late this week, due to screwed up puter earlier this week. So Sorry Daughter-Dear, Nephew, and Buddy... maybe by the end of the week. Did I mention there won't be any cash in those unless I hit the Mills tonight?


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

we can hope that 13 is lucky.. although i know you and your supersticousness (is that a word?) altho we can hope it'll be lucky for you. perhaps you should play the lottery and play all 13's and see how many come up... i guess only one would.. ok then.. go play the numbers game and play 2 13's that seems a little better odd's... be sure to play across the board for $1/bet... if anything comes up you'll win a fair amount of money.

just feel lucky that drunken dave won't (hopefully) be visiting for quite sometime.

hi to D for me

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Yeah, guess what? The only number on my tix that matched was 13! The rest mocked me by being one off...
That's ok, I'm playing on the un-won pot again tonight (fri)

...Now just got 18 year-old 1st yr-college (nephew n buddies) on week-ends, (at MM) who I caught drinking beer n dumping garbage in the trees again! they went home this week-end, they're in for an ear-full...


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