Sunday, May 03, 2009

Time Warp

Photo by SnaggleTooth 2009
You really can't predict how you'll think as a middle-aged adult while still a young child under a decade old. Jannie asked commenters this week to come up with interview questions for her 7-year-old.
Here are the questions I came up with off the top of my head, n my answers to them young n older.
If you could be an animal for one day, which kind would you be?
when young I would've answered, a Horse
As an adult, a Bird
When you grow up, what kind of hat will you wear?
when young I would've answered, cowboy hat
As an adult, I have a brown leather wide-brim, somewhat like Indiana Jones'
What’s your favorite movie of all time?
when young I would've answered, Heidi
As an adult, Star Wars
Children asked today would have such different answers, due to the increased array of choices n encouraged creative thinking. I was non-conformist before it was popular, n didn't let gender sway my preferences. I wanted to be a cowboy, even after everyone made fun of me because they claimed girls couldn't be. I never believed them.
Today I watched the Kentucky Derby. Still, I want to have a farm n train horses. It's a dream I will not give up, no matter about how people say I won't because of where my life is at this point.
People change. Desires can change. Unpredictable luck changes circumstances in an instant! Even in statistics of 1 to a million, you could be that one. When you think you can't or won't, you'll stop trying n sabotage your own wishes.
A 50 to 1 shot which cost less than $10k won the derby! No one could've predicted it. I still want my cowboy hat, but am willing to modify the plan. When I hit it big n get the farm, I'd like ponies for the kids, n would like a try at miniature horses too. I may or may not win the Derby, but I still plan to win this dream.
No one can pop that bubble...


At 3:33 AM, Blogger Thomma Lyn said...

What a neat post! It is fascinating to contemplate how we saw the world as children and compare it to our views as adults.

Re: the animal question, I'd answer "cat" both as a child and as an adult. I've always adored cats. :) But hats... when I was a kid, I would have said a crown or a tiara (even though I was mainly a tomboy, I liked to play dress-up) and today, I'd say a boonie hat (I wear one on my hikes). And my favorite movie of all time: as a child, I would have said Charlotte's Web, and though I still adore Charlotte's Web as an adult, I'd have to say All About Eve with Bette Davis (amazing character-driven classic film and superbly written).

At 3:41 PM, Blogger sheila said...

Very nice post! (came over from you who came from Jannies.)lol.

I cannot believe the 50-1 horse! I was just reading about that in the paper this morning. How nice that would have been. I may have actually picked that horse had I bet...because I pick soley on

At 9:41 PM, Blogger TALON said...

It's interesting to look back and see who we were and how far we've come. It's also interesting how some things don't change - which is sort of comforting as we go through our continuous metamorphisis.

At 3:00 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

ThommaLyn, Glad you enjoyed my concept. I'd thought about sleeping as much as my cat! Wow, you've grown up to be princess of the Boonie hat- what a switch! Charlott's Web wasn't even a film yet when I was pre-10! I would've said The Black Stallion (by William Farley- he DID win the derby-), but it was only a book then, I didn't read until a teen. Our answer choices are quite interesting over time.

Sheila, thanks, n for the return visit! That "lower-class" win sure makes me wanna try too! i pick based on the confirmation, n manner of movements observed during the post parade. For some reason, since Secretariat, who-ever the media interviews never seems to place! Also, that is one grueling, long race-

Talon, it's also interesting to realize how far our lives stray from childhood dreams, n how stubborn those desires are to fade. Watching the Derby brought the old dreams up again.

At 2:36 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Hey, I know that Jannie character! Kind of a weird one. But harmless I think.

And what will your anwsers be in another 30 years?

Me, I'd be a kangaroo. Or a dolphin.

I dont bet on horses, it's against my religion. Only allowed to bet on greyhounds. The busses, I mean. We have a pool going to see who is closest to the actual ETA frm teh Dallas to Austin early morning route.

Yeah, as I said... kind of a weird one.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Oh, and I don't ever recall ever having seen the movie Heidi but I read the book many times and always always cried when she left the old man's mountain. To go live with here cousin, right? Claire, was it? And cried again when she saved up that box of stale buscuits or bread ends or whatever it was. So pitiful.

At 2:19 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanF, I heard she was full of shenanigans n fairly silly, even when talking about herself in the third person! But just think, this post couldn't've exisited without her lightbulb beacons of unanwered questions lighting a pathway... She's very inspiring as I aspire!
Interesting animal chioces- boing, boing! Blub,blub!
Betting on buses isin't as enriching as betting 2 bux on that racehorse the other day... of course I didn't get to bet-

JanF, the movie Heidi was on every Christmas Day during the 60's- I was very sick one holiday the year we got a nice hammock on a frame, n remember monopolizing it in front of that movie instead of eating dinner! My gramps used to always call me Heidi because of my blonde braids.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

blonde braids, so cute I bet! I wore braids one day last year with little pink bows on the ends and a strange but handsome man at the coffee bar at Whole Foods cast is obvious approval my way. Nice to know I still "got it!" ;)

At 3:40 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

JanF, I've got so many school pics in braids- but now I just have a long banana curl. Guys just like pulling the braids I think...


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