Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where's Snag?

July 31
Absence Makes the Blogger Stronger
... or something like that...

Nothing like being involuntarily cut-off from your main sources of human communication!

Apparently, while I was out at work Saturday The phones in part of my village went dead due to a cable problem. I realized there was a problem after getting back about 3 am. (It was actually Sunday early am). Funny that I received messages on my Answering machine, but could get no dial tone to call out.
I realized this after my modem failed to connect. So my whole routine, readin n sendin emails, n tryin to keep up with my fav blogs plan went right out the Window-Xp! It was a long, aggrivating dawn going over all the phone-line connections, unplugging the wall-jack to reset for ten minutes, asking why.... I was trying to figure out how the cats might've gotten to the buried wire system I have here.
When I called the phone company on my limited-minutes-few-left cell, after explaining it was a cable issue, the nice lady explained the problem isn't scheduled to be repaired until Wednesday. I'd need to have an acute medical isuue to get my dial-tone back any quicker. So if I had no cell n had a sudden medical issue, (like a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction say to a bee sting or jelly-fish sting), I guess I'd die without even being able to call 911!
That's comforting!
Now after waiting over two weeks for two days off in a row to get all kinds of things done n calls made, I have Mon n Tues off, WITH NO PHONE! (repair Weds)!No calling the kids , or my sister, or friends, or the bank,
No online contacts, all put off again for another whole week!
Can my life get a little more inconvenient, here?
I'm so frustrated!
How long will it take folks to realize I'm out to lunch awhile?


At 6:32 PM, Blogger Neo said...

Snag - Make sure you have the phone company credit you for the loss of service. Hey every penny counts!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Neo, pro-rated I'll prob get about 35 cents! Whooppie!


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