Friday, September 16, 2005

Oaff! Feel Ya!

Well, it was raining yesterday to beat the band, and I got to stand in it a bit, while a pal and I shuffled Buddy's car home from the Hospital Parking lot. I got home and observed drops the size of potatoes hitting the windshield! I found leaves had again plugged the prior-to-storm-raked storm drain! Instead of allowing the street to cave in under the wieght of all that water, and wash the foundation of my house out, I waded in and unplugged it... So I really felt like a sad, drowned puppy by the time I got in. Had to strip at the door so I wouldn't have to mop the whole house... But that was just a morsel which'd broken off the main formation.
We're due to get the main mess of wind, rain, and surge this pm until late tomorrow. High tide is about 7 am, and it's a spring tide with a full moon, so I need to get up at an hour or two earlier to check the water out the window and made sure it's staying there... Complacency has never been one of my behaviors.
I feel bad for the folks at Camp Edwards from New Orleans, who are probably flippin' just thinking about another one, which probably makes them revisit all the stress they just lived through two short weeks ago.
Those of you who know me know I'm always a bit over-prepared... was a girl-scout for a decade, have plenty of camping supplies and an inflatable air-mattress that can be used as a float, so don't worry about my survival skills at all. It prob won't be too bad here. I'm just hoping all the "R's" porch furniture doesn't sail this direction, cause the rest of the neighborhood has picked theirs up. "Well," every one keeps saying, "It can't be as bad as Hurricane Bob." But you see where that thinking about Camille got the victims of Katrina! In today's world, complacency can equal doom! Pay attention! I've been playing sentinal so long, I don't know how not to be one.
My phone and online connection never did like rain, but remember I still have week-end hours left on the cell.


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