Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Isle

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip
It started on this tropic board
aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailor man,
the Skipper, brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
on a three-hour tour, a three-hour tour!

The weather started getting rough,
the tiny ship was tossed!
If not for the courage of the fearless crew,
the Minnow would be lost, the Minnow would be lost!

The ship set down on a shore of this uncharted desert isle,
with Gilligan, the Skipper too,
the Millionaire, and his Wife,
the Movie-star, the Professor, and Mary-Ann,
Here on Gilligan's Isle!

I grew up with Gilligan, saw him almost everyday for decades. He was my "Little Buddy." I especially enjoyed his silly antics and great sense of humor. Knowing him is partly what made me who I am today... WaaH, sniff * Bob Denver died at the age of 70 last night, RIP...
(tell me If I got any words incorrect, that's written (sung) from memory)

Late yesterday the head of NEMA told the Governor and all the volunteers ready for refugee intake to go on standby! They report many people from L.A. have decided relocation up here to Camp Edwards just isin't close enough to old home. Some well-off Massachusetts people actually paid to fly people up and put them up in their own homes, such as Curt Schilling, who took in a very large family, (11, I think), and several others.
One lady seen hugging new arrivals on the news this noon, is even setting up scholarship accounts for the woman's five children! Universities are taking in students who can transfer back down later, and won't lose the semester time otherwise setting back their grad date.

The Governor is even offering to give out a paid debit card worth $2000! I wonder where the funds are from, (he is insanely rich, better not be tax funding, wish I could get one).
Maybe they heard the term "Military Barracks," aka Like prison with armed guards n no drinking... (they do have a movie theater, school, and a golf course).
I wouldn't mind living there, compared to my tiny apartment!
Or heard about state laws like no one gets "welfare" funds here without working at least part-time, and there's already a set up work-search computer station for them...They figure the return trip would be too expensive with these fuel prices, and they might not get back.

On the bright side, Capees who are scrambling for limited winter (off-season) work as the school year gets underway are saying "whew! - we don't need more competition this week!" Also Otis Air Guard base is slated to close, losing an additional 500 local jobs on the Cape. The Gov. is filing a suit because law says fed-gov need his permission to close it.
And it'll be expensive to outfit them all with Boots, hats, n coats for the snow, never mind food, healthcare, and heat. And paying for the ride here...
They may realize that people care alot about them, even so far away.


At 7:19 AM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

i thought it was very nice of our crappy governor to offer otis to the "guests" that may or may not show up here. the gov. say he wants everyone to call them "guests" b/c the says that there are people who think that the term "refugees" has a negative conotation..
anyhoo i have a couple of corrections... it's FEMA, not NEMA and i think it's FEMA that's giving out the debit cards and hopefully not the massachusetts gov't... we can barely afford to pay teachers around here b/c of budget cuts, let alone a bunch of people in need.

good job on the gilligan song

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Sonya, thanx for the compliment, I like my writing 2! I'm sorry to hear you need viagra... I didn't know spambotz from japan could have sex...!

At 1:48 AM, Blogger flleenie said...

Snags, I am posting in response to "Milk Brain" and I quote: "it's FEMA, not NEMA and i think it's FEMA that's giving out the debit cards and hopefully not the massachusetts gov't... we can barely afford to pay teachers around here b/c of budget cuts, let alone a bunch of people in need."

OKAY...I might or might not hold back...
I know we all have our own problems. I know we all have our own expenses. I know that we all can't afford to always help others when we can barely help ourselves.


How would you feel if your home was flooded to the roof. You lost your pets, your clothes, your furniture, everything and can't find your family because they are spread all over the country.

My God, put yourself in their shoes and don't be so selfish!!

You know where I live. I hear about this crap, maybe not so severe, every year. I can still have some sympathy if not empathy for those people affected by a natural disaster. It's not as if they asked for it!!

QUESTION...What will your response be if next time it's me and your uncle and your cousin in the wake of disaster?? Will you have the same we can't afford this shit attitude??

At 2:09 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow Fleen, I didn't know your comment was there for a long time- I'm giving my opinion that this makes it tougher locally for people here because it's the wrong time of year. People from our part of the state can't get the kind of help these folks did! Even in Hurricane Bob. I realize the situation was extreme for these victims, but the gov. created secondary hardships, which effected my ability to find a job I then needed- btw.
Everyone deserves equal help-


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