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Infa-Red Satelite Sept 1 2010

Current sat pic.


Earl may hurl himself upon the Eastern USA coast this week. .

Everytime I hear the name Earl, I think of my daughters previous cat, Hurl. ("My Girl, Hurl...") A kitten she hand fed for it to survive. Hurl was adopted out, n is no longer living.

I had a hand-fed kitten once too, named Blob. I hope it's a coincidence that Blob sounds alot like Bob. I remember When Huricane Bob hit Cape Cod dead on as a Cat-3 storm. (category 3 on a scale from 1 to 5)

When I realized Bob was heading straight here, while still at cat-5 on the news, I had that "Uh-oh alarm" ring a bell in my head. I packed up the kids n sent them to the west side of town. I was going to stay here, but had second thoughts when the wind picked up. Trees began swaying n bending all around the house, n I got really paraniod. I left n also spent the night about eight miles away.

It was a tough drive around tree debris back home after the storm. According to the seaweed line, the water was up to the steps next door at the "R"s. Seaweed was also plastered to the siding of my house where the wind had thrown it.

All kinds of boats had broken moorings and were all over the beaches in piles, on the rocks,n on the seaside boulevards. One of the piers at the marina recently shown on ESR had broken loose n was ripped in pieces all over the coves.

I also remember seeing folks down the hill shoveling sand out of their front doorways!

My home was without power for five days. I received emergency food vouchers from the government for the tossed freezer n frig goods lost with no way to cook.

The aftermath was an emotional experience. That was the summer after my father had died. It was vacation break n I was a college student as a single parent. I remember a very tough week. But the house was ok, the kids were ok, n most folks were able to fix the damage. There's a house which was rebuilt up on stilts, (pilings), down at the end of m-cove after that storm.

Earl, Hurl...

Bob, Blob...

hmmm how paraniod am I? They're only names, right?


At 12:37 AM, Blogger desk49 said...

I hope you have a place to go just in case it hits your small vallage.
What is a ESR

At 12:38 AM, Blogger TALON said...

Earl is one scary looking storm. I hope it dissipates before landfall. I hear it's now upgraded to a category 4. Terrifying! I hope you stay safe, Snaggle, and have a plan in place in case it hits directly. My son and daughter-in-law are in New Brunswick, but inland enough that they won't have to worry about storm surges, etc.

Hurl and Blob are the most unusual cat names I've ever heard. I don't think such sweet cats could have any connections with the destruction of those storms. I wish they wouldn't name storms after people. My good friend Earl is very upset that his name is being linked with something destructive (for which he is truly not responsbile - lol).

At 3:29 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Ellis, There's town hall or I'll just drive inland a bit n park. Gotta take Mischief too.
ESR is an anagram for Exit Stage Right, btw-

Talon, I think Bob scared me more. I'm wasting free time getting prepped instead of relaxing!
It's the synchronicity of the name n situation connection that seems to play a part in telling me to expect trouble-
Poor friend Earl- hope the damages are minimal to his ego!

At 5:07 AM, Blogger LL Cool Joe said...

I hope the storm doesn't reach you!

We had 2 cats named Pixie and Bubble. All I can say is we were young. There again Talon has a cat called Stripey, and my partner had a cat called Blackie that was, yes you guessed it, black.

Poor cats. ;)

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I'd've been plenty paranoid too, Snaggle. We gotten tail-ends of storms both here and in Nova Scotia, but nothing too severe. Must've been a rotten 5 days.

Earl, Earl, please don't hurl
trees and such, it's too much.

I hope he will peter out. Looks like he well might.

Sand in doorway, eh. radical.

Be thinking of you!


At 8:29 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

My sister's brother-in-law was stationed at a Naval base somewhere in the New England area and rescued a stranded kitten in the aftermath of Hurricane Bob. He named her Bob. :)

At 5:38 PM, Blogger ... Paige said...

Please don't wait to leave, we love you Snag and what to see more post and take some photos will ya.

I'll be watching

At 11:57 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

LLcoolJ, Thanks- we're sure to get some effects, but I'd like to do without flooding n falling trees. Pixie isin't too bad- But Bubble is a cuter n unique kitty name!

JanF, Everyplace gets different storms, n hurricanes are usually hit or miss- n far between. Looks like Nova Scotia is going to get Earl too- but it will be weaker TG-
SHOVELING sand out! Piles of sand in the livingroom... Hope BBM doesn't have to this time!

Lynn, Aww a kitten rescue! As long as he didn't Bob in the water too long! I was lucky my cats then didn't need rescueing-

Paige, I'm trying to save some batts for cam, n not at work this week, so even tho I hope to not be out til after the storm, you'll prob see pics. *If I have power n a connection-
Don't worry, I'll be ok.

All prayers are very appreciated!

At 10:39 AM, Blogger David Edward said...

Glad to hear that it is weakening, hope you just get the tail of what's left. Be safe. I will pray for you and your community

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

David, Thanks for checking on me, n athanks for your prayer! Looks like it won;t be really bad-


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