Sunday, July 17, 2005


Good luck to boaters out there trying to navigate to Woods Hole or the Islands this week, it's been lost in the fog. If you've ever worked the bogs ya know "The fog on the bog is mainly for the frogs!" My humidity meter is up near 82% with all the fans on high in here, as muggy as it gets without rain! I actually haven't seen a toad or frog around here (and I live next to woods) in over seven years now. The scientists on "Nightline" the other night say they believe we're having a mass species extinction taking place which could wipe out whole segments of the basic food chain because of the weird weather, which I've been sooth-saying now for years... mainly because the frogs dissapeared, and krill and plankton, basic for aquatic life, are going spaztically missing too. All the "grow like weeds" species will take over soon, all the rest will go, you'll see... whatever can't find new food sources, X - the old ripple-effect...

We really didn't get all the water they said unorganized Dennis would drop on us. I just wish there'd stop being storms named after my teenhood friends who were big drinkers and trouble-makers back then... Dennis and Emily... they really knew how to get sloshed! (I hope their moms don't find this) Ah the good ole daze... Today, no more drinkin' for me, and rain would really feel good here about now!

The good news is I'M FREE OF THE LOUD PEOPLE, YAY!!! They went back to the city about noon... Now, only a few new ones at the "R's" out the window! Except of course for week-ends, But WHEW! it was a LONG three weeks...


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