Thursday, July 14, 2005

Halfway Through July

The weather's been nice and warm, getting more humid lately. The party people are out in the boat, so if their dog wasn't barking 'cause he's all alone, it would almost be an atmosphere I can concentrate in. I'm bummin' the NASA mission was put off, and there's no news posted about it on their url, just "to be determined" on the launch schedule. Seems very obvious to me, the heat tiles that keep breaking should be redesigned out of more durable materials.... but what do I know, I'm not a certified rocket scientist (but I'm fairly close to it). Note: What about hitting "space dust" or all the old jettisoned garbage out there?

Yep, they wait for it to get real warm to mess with the water. There was something on the news about two gators found swimming in a lake in Brockton (5 and 3 Ft).
The water across town from here was deemed positive for Ecoli bacteria yesterday, and isin't supposed to be the same system as our water, but paranoia sets in - so I'm boiling it anyways.
I wouldn't have known had I not gone to the store. I was gusseling the stuff all am, knowledge that's not very comforting, along with the news that grandson # 2 has been ill. Of course this water shouldn't be affected, but I wonder when the testing is getting done. Some people who live fairly close to here reported their water was brown, so that's why I'd rather be careful. It may be that the supply has been overused and we're hitting the lower water level sediment.

I've been working on my old webpage code, trying all last night and this am to get it to boot up with my images, but keeps not finding the server and won't find my index, use my bg, ect, so still got more messing to do with it, don't know why having so many need to refresh probs, not rainy yet, connection here seems ok. I may never know why! I'll tell you when it decides to coopperate... and looks halfway as it should. I tried updated pic links with the site http url on it, then wouldn't reopen the page, what a GGGrrrhhHHHh! (the price of free pages...)


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