Sunday, July 10, 2005


What a lovely week-end the weather decided to throw the Cape. Every one and his brother broke out the lawn mowers Sat pm. ...So I took a field trip to the laundrymat across town, seeing as I was gonna have a headache anyway. While I was there, around dinner-time, a bubbley girl from the DD next door came running in the back door screaming to call 911, and that the other girl might get stabbed, they were being robbed! She was hysterical. So her and the attendant went to the phone and called. She pretty much swore through the whole call, so guaranteed it won't get on the air. My management skills kicked in and I directed some people with children near the entrance to get back away from the DD door, and kept some others out, "Do not go in there!".
...I must say the police arrived fast, within 2 minutes. They didn't immediately catch the dude, but he wasn't too sharp. Business is so slow in the pm, and the dough from am is already to the bank, he didn't get much. He was on three camera tapes, had also been seen in the video store before that, and a witness saw a skinny young guy with a cap running away through the side of the lot. I was very relieved the girl left in there wasn't hurt, after all. But strangely enough, the laundrymat lady and I were expressing our extreme boredom just before that...

...Wanted to go to a local Cape League Baseball game, but too many thunderclouds in sight, and enough excitement for one day. How lucky I felt it didn't happen all the time I was a shift supervisor at fast food, because it could be anyone at a counter. You never know.
You better believe many people were having conniptions about not getting their coffee 'cause it was closed for the rest of the day! Not me, though, I quit coffee two years ago. Before that, I was up to three "great ones" a day and still couldn't wake up!

Today a whole new batch of people added into the ones here already. While some kids next door at the R's will have to go back tomorrow, Awwwhhh, the new ones downstairs brought a big white tent they set up right outside my kitchen window for the teenage boys to sleep in! And the top has see through screen panels! I remember how loud it was last time, so the kitchen windows are closed in this heat. Joy! (no- I don't have ac) That's also where the birdies get bread tossings every am, but not now. Maybe they'll poop on it...! I'm almost halfway through the loud people's main invasion period. I hope I make it... The majority reportedly will go back to the city after next week-end (Please, Please, go back ...)

...It's been a long time awaiting for the rain to clear (no online connection) and then another 'puter component , the monitor, had to be replaced. It's just one happy day after the next!


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Mad Mom said...

sounds like you had quite a night.... that stuff never happens to me.... and oh yeah, thanks for the comment on my last post... mwa haha.... bwa haha

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

wow mom what a week.. and there you were complaining about lack of excitement and then BAM! God got it for you in one day. now there's efficiency.


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