Sunday, June 26, 2005


More bad news from surfers in Pensicola on the Gulf in FL. A 14 yr old teen was Bull Shark lunch yesterday, got dragged out and to the ER but didn't make it. Very sad, and I had that paraniod feeling about sharks this year, way back in this log. (I predicted a very strange sea preditor year, in honor of the Jaws anniversary, plus the seals and dolphins this spring were acting strangely going inland...)
... But the good news is, Red Tide is clearing up! yay! ( I won't swim in that either, or eat any shellfish). Good news, It's nice and HOT and SUNNY this week-end! Yippie! And the loud, neighbor people won't be here until Thursday! Space for me to play, Wahooee! Did I mention I'm allergic to everything?
... So I hand-mowed the lawn (wore pants, and long sleeves), cleaned things from a moldy shed (gloves), washed dust off the fan grills and blades, then sat out on the deck in the buggies, n wonder what are these deep red spots all over my legs? Bites, hives, poison Sumac, or Measles again? I don't know cause it's not the normal reactions I get... WEll, geuss I'll have to wait to play with the grand babies... Should notice if they spread or heal up soon enough, hopefully, to enjoy 4th festivities...


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