Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just Another Day, Hey,hey,hey!

Weather guy said warm n sunny today - what a liar! Freezin at 45 again, and overcast. Maybe it's 70 inland of Bean-town-ville somewhere, but here I needed a jacket again!
The best part of pre-seagull season here is the nature show out the window. A Mourning Dove setting up a nest outside the window with her mate this am. decided this pm. to move location. Maybe it was the view of the nosey salivating kitties in the window, or the scruffy chattering squirrels who are spoiled with daily bread crumb tossings at that particular tree.
See, I'd rather have the kritters out the window than to feel like tourists are butting in, watching me, so I 'll be forced once again to close down the curtains and live in the dark! I expect those "seagulls" to arrive promptly on Memorial Day week-end, as they always do. Then those smart kritters flee and hide!
And I'll no doubt wish I had as well...


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