Friday, May 13, 2005

A Bit Superstitious

It's that Friday again, when I try not to do anything I'll blame on the date... but I'll putter about and make an entry, hopefully that's harmless enough.
I chipped off three years of moss from the deck today, how exciting. Gotta love the spongy feel of it, so tough to resist the temptation to make a moss sculpture out front... Still waiting to plant my outdoor seeds, been BBBrrrhhhHH - like 30 degrees this am.
Finding stuff to report on lately is tough 'cause I'm trying to avoid the more depressing issues.
... According to this blog, I'm not busy or doing a thing!

I've been reading, writing, typing address labels, making calls, form filling, running errands, cleaning out the shed, yardwork, housework, music, 'puter pix painting, and birthday card designing. Too many people I know need cards, and I vowed this machinery would pay for it's purchase price in saving trips to the drugstore for cards. Besides, it's an excuse to practice artwork as a mission to accomplish, and tough to keep up the pace! The extended family is fairly large, and I'm trying hard not to miss any and to be on time this year. I'm actually a little late mailing tomorrow Sat. for FL by Tues Bday. ( Sometimes that trip takes snail a week. ) If only I could finish the writing projects so easily, I might be well published by now. Writing can be tough, as you can see, depending on the project. I'm really good at starting them and stink at the finishing. There's always a new and better way to re-write, a designer's habit.


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