Friday, August 19, 2005

Possum Gritts

Another exciting week of leaky pipes, and critters chewing holes in the wall. Yay, the leak has been repaired, (yesterday) after emptying all the stuff outa the bathroom and Kitchen cupboards to see under all the water features, ugh! Just gotta put the stuff back in now, kinda draggin the feet, there. Now, I'm playin Ellie-Mae Klampet, (for those who don't remember "The Beverly HillBillies" that means I'm Playing friendly with critters...). Just cause the beast thinks he lives here too is no reason he needs to die. It's my opinion that a life is a life. I do respect critters, but wow that baby beast has big teeth and a loud chew! I mean, the cats ran away!

Got a Hav-a-Hart trap to hopefully lure in the oppossum living in the wall (saw his nose in the bathroom mouse-hole the other night, after the cat food) So I can release him someplace in the woods far enough away so he doesn't find his way back or get run down as roadkill the first day. I'm tryin to give the little fella a chance, but he hasn't gone after the bait yet. Prob still hiding causa all the demolish n fix-it racket.

Weather's gettin cooler this week, the rain still not feeding the greens enough. Mid-70's, I'll take it! This week-end uptown we got an Art n Craft Fair at the campgrounds n a Blues Festival goin on. Didn't see James Montgomery in the paper ads for this one. Oh well, he was uptown a few weeks back. Really dig his mouth harp style (in my profile). Gotta give credit to a guy who can live offa playing harmonica. He's a biker fav. But not on the menu. The tunes 'll blast all the way over here (free) as usual I'm sure. They get people to sit in the roped off area for 10 bucks...


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