Sunday, August 07, 2005

Light as Speed

A lovely, not too hot yet Sunday slippin' by. Weather report said it would start gettin' nasty hot n muggy-uggy again this week. Today was good enough for a little visit with bbm & bb-J n toys out on the deck. A little cloudy n a breeze keeping it in the 70's. Guess next on the watch out list is TS Irene still halfway out in the Atlantic.

Been a joy trying to drive uptown this week-end with the Pan Mass Challenge bike tour from Sturbridge to P-town goin on. Good fund-raiser for Dana Farber's Jimmy Fund, but tough on the local auto fuel. My dad was at DF Institute his last year back in '91...
Gotta hand it to the dudes n 'ettes riding so far in 2 days. I did 22 miles once when I was 17, (not in the PMA) and I was SsoooO sore the second day... No helmets required back then. Had thoughts of going to the last bball game before playoffs, but not willing to cross the bike traffic the whole way to get there! Took 45 min. 2 go 2 Cumbies for (cheaper) milk yesterday! (usually 5) Still feeling ikky from the past weeks reactions anyhoo, so never mind...

Dope all goes weel on leading for the space-o-nuts.
I mean: hope all goes well on landing for the astronauts. (tomorrow)
Ever feel everything is in code?

Quote of the Day: "No one ever gives ya an instruction book saying they grow as light as speed... wait a minute, I mean, at the speed of light!... I'm REALLY tired!" -bbm


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Milk Brain said...

that definately sounds like something my sister would come up with! but the funnier part is that when i read the tiele of your post i knew "light as speed" sounded funny but i couldn't quite figure out that the WORDS WERE BACKWARDS! later realized the proper configuration when i finished reading her quote.


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