Saturday, May 21, 2005

Rainy Day Week-end, 4 in a Row...

' Suppose I should be grateful it's not a Nor'Easter or a drought, but seriously, the cold and clouds all week and every week-end this month are keeping me from doing all kinds of "wanna-do's", for instance, planting seeds so they'll be some blossoms before next year.
Got the heat off again to save my NStar bucks but it's only in the 40's again, so "Brrhhh! What can I cook to stay warm?" Boredom has taken over only 'cause I wanna do the outside stuff that's been put off SSssoooooOO long now. Only a week left to do puttering without seagull interferrence. Planning more transplanting of Lillies before the weed-wacker guy shows up. This dude seems to enjoy slaying every flower regardless of it's beauty. He's in for a big, bad, Snaggle lecture this year. He killed every flowering thing and the roses too, last year. This time I plan to head "Mr Zero Gardening Skills' off at the pass!
...I wonder where spring went to this year. Looks like we're going to end up jumping right into summer from winter. I hope it eventually gets warm outside at some point, or I may fly south myself even thought I swore off FL living, I'm getting too old for the shivering bit, here!
Company is on the way for the big openning week-end seagull, show. Wahoo! Three generations of us in one spot again, with time to "ga-ga goo-goo" at the cute ones for the first time since Xmas, should be fun when compared to the extreme cabin-fever-factor this year. Just Maybe we'll get more sun than cold clouds for the Mem week-end so we don't freeze too badly outdoors, with any luck at all. It's so cold here this month, they say the coldest top 7 May month of all time. Even the Huckleberry tree out the window is late, won't budd it's leaves yet believing it's still winter...


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