Thursday, April 14, 2005

Heart Day

Experiment #863
Just a little animation. There's no sound yet, btw.

It looks better in a loop as a gif in animation shop, but blogger wanted an avi, n this is what happened... I'm not happy with the larger size n fuzzies, plus my frame-dwell timing is off a bit- oh well. The gif wouldn't upload without errors..

Puter image by SnaggleTooth Feb 2009

The video wants this format size, but wouldn't downsize as an avi.

It was the first image made for "Val" post, 2009. I really wanted to get the good one in that post- another day, on another type of url, I guess. It's not too good in this form, bad size, bad timing of frames, n all, so that's why I hid it back here in the blog month which never exisited.

.Hope you had a good Heart Day four years in the future from this posting anyway!


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