Thursday, September 17, 2015


Image by SnaggleTooth Sept 2015
 Yep, making a few of those.

Last night, my whole finished post text file went bye-bye due to a machine freeze-up.

The Cape has been blessed with another bonus week of hot, dry, weather in time for my Day Off. The ocean water here is still 70F degrees. Yesterday, I finally rode my almost new, shiny bike to the beach at the end of my road.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2015

I didn't have any pressing store needs, so I decided errands could wait until after the Library/blog trip this week. I'm still trying to fix the chain guide / gear switcher to work right since the tire tubes were replaced.
Haven't found the best, comfortable,  distance spot for the chain yet.

Image by SnaggleTooth Sept 2015 Can't believe I have to pump up the front tire before each ride anyhow, when the tube is brand new... They don't make new parts like they used to!

Back in The Day I used to have a thrown together from spare parts, Raleigh one-speed to ride around the city. I lent it to a friend to get home one night, n they left it under a snow-bank all winter until it rusted  beyond repair. It had no frills but was simple to fix, n easy to ride. I'll figure out the newer contraption sometime soon, hopefully.

Image by SnaggleTooth Sept 2015
Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2015
The card reader used to transfer pics to the computer (so I can play with images) decided to go on the fritz, n I spent awhile testing connectors, jiggling parts, n contorting my fingers holding things so the machine would register it, while also mouse clicking, to at last upload What I snapped recently. After that I should've restarted but kept going- n all I did after got lost, probably due to all the dropped card reader connections that had accidentally occurred.

Guess I needed to keep tweaking what I was doing more. So you're getting the condensed version this time.

Top two altered pics from crops of the (unseen) altered, powerboat shot. Bottom three are the same pic of two sailors in a catamaran. All taken Weds.

Photo by SnaggleTooth Sept 2015
Also, I discovered the elastic in my swim suit is going fast- time for a new one! There are none left at the stores here, tho you can easily find pumpkins n Christmas stuff in the stores now, way ahead of schedule.

What have you put off all summer you wish you hadn't?


At 6:36 PM, Blogger Tabor said...

It does look so peaceful and lovey there! Glad you had time to yourself and hopefully all the technology will work itself out. Is there a bike shop that might have ideas about your tire problem?

At 10:05 PM, Blogger desk49 said...

Sorry no verse
within my head
yet it seems things
are good you said

it looks like things
are looking better
so I'll say good night
keep smiling forever

At 8:20 AM, Blogger G. B. Miller said...

Writing and job hunting. Most of the summer was spent doing very little writing and procrastinating with the job hunting (very long story that I will not torture you with).

Father Nature's Corner

At 4:20 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Tabor, The brand new tube leas... another new one leaks... ect! Just keep pumping I guess- n don't stay out long.

Ellis, Still you found some metered words,
Not as much bad you heard-
I'd rather all was great,
Not gonna commit to hate...

G.B., I yi yi! Not That! I wrote some blues about that once... Now I just have a job I can't stand that is so frustrating, I feel your pain- Thanks-

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Lynn said...

I must have put off making blog comments! I read this post and remember the bicycle issues and thought I commented. Hope that issue is dealt with by now.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Lynn, I'll get a new reader eventually, The bike will also wait - So little time to do things here, thought I'd free up more- but the teeth keep getting in the way. Thanks for coming back!


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