Friday, August 12, 2005

Sand n Rocket rides

I haven't been able to observe the Persied Meteor showers yet, due to cloudiness at the best viewing times (midnight to ~5am) while I've been awake. Was very nice, low 80's and sea-breezy today, and now the thunder boomers are moving back in for dinner. The rain seems to skirt right around my home village every time. Only had one very light 30-second sprinkle since last week. The deck garden plants are getting bone dry everyday, very dry here. Maybe this one'll be a soaker, yay! (The lawn is pretty burnt). I'm hoping it drops some rain then clears before Midnight...

I'm proud of my paranoid self because I finally jumped into the ocean at my favorite beach at peak high tide for the first time this year, yesterday... the Waves were a good ride. It's a resident's beach, I really wanna avoid the littering vacation people areas... It was triple H again, n it only took me a week to locate where I put the beach stuff I put away last year (forever in this heat!). It was moderately windy so the horseflies weren't a problem, big plus for the allergic-phobe I am. I'm still sea-preditor nervous, though. I didn't go out to do my normal over-my-head water-treading past the second sandbar, or even past the first sandbar. Warmer water is safer cause the shovel-heads don't like it. There really weren't alot of folks risking a swim, either. The more targets the merrier! Looks like I'm not the only paranoid one, No one went out past the second sandbar!... to me, this is a big deal.

Tomorrow it's off to Marshfield beach for Babies Eat Sand Day. Supposed to be another HHH scorcher. Gotta watch for rip-tides n strong undertow there. Plenty of targets in that water. If ya get picked outa that bunch for lunch, ya know you're extremely unlucky... At least that water's easy to see through. I've found quite a few dried up shark eggs on that beach over the decades...
At least I won't be roastin all day at home at the puter (reading) again. This thing does throw some unwelcome heat. Where's the rain, come on...?!

Well, relieved about the shuttle landing ok. (I did pray)
Did ya hear about the private orbiting the moon rides in a Soyez-rocket being offered for $3.5 b. each? (scheduled flight is 3 years away) ...Well, before ya sign up for that thrill-ride, keep in mind the Russians never made it to orbit the moon in one of those rockets (the Earth, yeah, the Moon, no). But they claim it's the safest on record. Every other rocket type tried by the USSR blew up... killing causmonauts... ending it's use.... HHmmmm! Two people are already signed up....

...Sandy breezes here u come, n the truck has ac, yay!


At 11:37 PM, Blogger flleenie said...

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At 11:39 PM, Blogger flleenie said...

Why are you worried about sharks up there? Don't you know that Florida has the highest number of shark attacks in the United States every year?

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Reason1, I'm a writer, n I'm paranoid!
I've been logging about all the strange ocean critter happenings since the very beginning of my blog. Things are not normal lately.

Up here We've had seals swimming inland 20+ miles, white-sided dolphins (my town) and small whales going up into rivers and bays. Sharks have been spotted off MA beaches all year, in Duxbury last week, I hear.
Ya saw the pic of the huge tiger shark, caught right off the cape.
You don't wanna hear my theory, about how after the Tsunami washed all those human carcasses out to sea, (never to be seen again) sharks will now be more likely to have aquired a taste for us.


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