Friday, June 03, 2005

Happy Beach Chewing

Today is the anniversary of "Jaws" the movie (1975). I remember it well, 'cause it was my first summer traveling down to the Cape ( I would end up moving there ), and the week we saw the movie, an actual dead shark washed up on our beach, stinking to high heaven. It was only a six foot Nurse shark, generally considered harmless. They have smaller mouth opennings with feelers, but can still bite. That was my first concrete indication that there were indeed sharks swimming in the same water as I (Buzzard's Bay).
I enjoy ocean swimming a great deal, but still sometimes I get that "What's for dinner ?" feeling and get out of the water. According to a shark history book from the library I read a few years ago, the only recorded attacks in New England both took place in Mattapoisett Harbor with Maco species sharks. They have a shovel shaped head.

...Of course with the screwed up weather patterns we've experienced in the world this year, and recent strange standings of whales, dolphins, and even inland-bound seals, I would not be surprized by any species of "out of normal place" sea predators. Ever think that maybe the regular food chain is becoming messed up due to recent over-consumption of fish in the USA ? Maybe the regular fish to eat are nowhere to be found? What if these animals are just heading away from their normal areas because they're running away from Tiger sharks and Killer whale attacks? Now there's motovation! I'd rather be beached than dinner...


At 7:14 AM, Blogger Mad Mom said...

actually mom, there was a reported attack at some point in buzzards bay, by i believe a great white? It was in the standard times in the last couple of months... i'm thinking it wass the 1940's

At 10:20 PM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

I wrote about it in "Shark tail Soup" on ESR if you search for it- using the box at the top of this blog


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