Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Good Job George !

I took my visiting niece from FL to see "Revenge of the Sith" or "Star Wars III" on Monday. Only $6 bucks a matinee seat! The scenes's are still processing through the brain... At home I enjoy picking movies apart with rewind and slo-mo. It's the first film I've seen in many years in a new state of the art, surround-sound theater. Definately niftier (and louder) at that place, but still, I want a remote.... "wait a sec, what was that?" and "I want to see that dissolve again, what a slick scene transition..." My trig niece critized the wipes as being "old-fashioned", and I explained ("In my day..") we invented those when I did editing in college, the same buttons (functions) they push in High school these I know I'm an old-fashioned-fuddy-duddy... ArghH! I wanna do my films someday! CG would make it so much easier now. 'Grats George, you wrapped the flick to que up the first film for the whippersnappers! Worth the trip. I do want to see it again, later at home.

... I'm very grateful the roofers next door have wrapped their gig this week. I can do without the nail gun! - But no, yet another neighbor has begun excavating off their shingles just in time to rob me of the last few quiet days before the summer folks will be 24/7 here. Lovely. I actually did some yard work yesterday, today's too hot. Don't know why I bother sometimes, because the party-time neighbors wreck hanging outside for me.
I do know I enjoy designing anything visual, no matter ,what it is. Guess it's too much to ask lately to be paid for it.

... "Attack of the Hungry Flying Worms" is going on outside today with battallions of rapeling Gypsy moth larvae off the maple tree eating all greens in reach. I hope they spare some of the seedlings I planted so late.


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