Thursday, May 07, 2009


Photo by SnaggleTooth May 2009
Wednesday afternoon as I left for work, the sun came out for about a half hour. It was great! My neighbor went out on the Harley, n the puddles had a chance to recede.
Day Off today tho, was grey n raining to beat the band. I managed to get out for errands n a couple pics close to home inbetween the thunderstorms.
After work last shift, I encountered strangeness upon returning home about 2 am. First, pulling into the driveway, I spied the downstairs neighbor's car in my headlight beams, parked again on the lawn, with the driver's door wide open. As I went to go to the outdoor stairs it started pouring. There were no signs of life from their place. "Hello MacFly-it's pouring into your car." I thought out loud. "Should I be nice, or not?" Yep, I walked over n shut their car door.
I got up the stairs, unloaded all the stuff from my arms, then went to turn on the TV. White noise! Snow! Grabbed the remote, sometimes the VCR is turned off from a power out. No response, no power to the VCR. No power from the manual buttons on the unit, or after checking the power cord. My cable runs through that box, along with the DVD player. Without it's digital circuits, there's nothing to watch at all! Just grey, unsightly absence of signal...
So after feeding Mischief, I spent awhile digging in the backroom. Good thing I'd stashed a cheap, bargain VCR away back in 2001, n could find it, still in the unopened box! I read the booklet, n hooked it up to the cable n DVD player. Went to run the auto-set-up, but it didn't find any channels! I manually activated the main ones I watch, thinking, well at least I can watch a DVD until the cable comes back on.
Then I had that other suspicious thought... Maybe they finally shut me off after not paying the bill for four months now! Ack! It's only about ten bux a month for my basic channels plus nothing, so I wait n pay every few months- it's easier. Last month tho, I put off paying longer due to electric needing all my bux.
I was getting all pysched to deal without my regular routine. After work I like the "Poker after Dark" while I eat n unwind. I usually watch alot of news n weather, which I'd really miss. I find it easy to fall asleep to low-volume TV sound also, especially with the downstairs noise going on. It helps my ears not start ringing.
Finally about 5 am, I checked the manually programmed channels, n yay! The news was on! The cable had just been interrupted with a service issue- not shut-off while I was at work-Yay! The neighbor got up (noise) , n left, oblivious of his wide open door problem! I stayed in bed later than usual to catch up a bit, while it was still raining. When I got up, I quickly paid that cable bill...
Enough grey already...


At 2:25 AM, Blogger Neo said...

Wonder what kind of fishes there are in there....

At 1:06 PM, Blogger TALON said...

I'm glad the "grey" was only temporary. I'm thinking there would have been even more noise if you hadn't been kind enough to shut the car door!

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

I can totally relate to the being temporarily out of service and assuming I'd forgotten to pay the bill. Yikes. I didi get the electric chopped last Dec for a couple hours (too much time a-bloggin' then. Double yikes)

Another well-composed photo. Thanks.

At 2:21 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Neo, Stripers , blues, scup, menhaden, flounder, fluke, clams, scallops, cohogs, muscles, crabs, Hermit crabs, lobster, shrimp, ect...
usually I just wonder how many! A few years ago we had a huge 6-footer right there- made the news. Remember that old ESR fishbone "FishTale" pic? that was a 4+ foot striper caught across from there.

Talon, I saw the moon tonight, finally! It's been over a week-
Ya, cussin may've been loud with a few inches sloshing around in there!

JanF, I was lucky not to've been axed that time! I have a really bad habit of not going to pick-up the mail at the PO box often enough. Then I let the big pile sit unopenned until I feel like letting the bills get me depressed, n Try not to ruin Day Off mood!

At 1:21 PM, Blogger ... Paige said...

great shot. yes the low tv sounds helps with the ringing of the ears.

Ya know this one time...many years ago when I could not blame age for it, I left my car door open while I was grocery shopping. Yelp it's true. So hows come you didn't shut my door?

But you did a good deed keeping the rain out

At 6:33 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

Just passing thru 'cause I like you!

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Thomma Lyn said...

I'm glad your cable came back on! And I hear you about the rain -- it's been rain, rain, rain here, too. I can't complain too much because we had a terrible drought last year, spring and summer, and this year, we have a garden and the rain is making it grow like crazy. But still, a little sunshine now and then is a good thing! :)

At 2:18 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Paige, Even my ears can wake me up! Sorry I didn't know where you parked that time- I've enough trouble finding my own truck... I'm good at leaving the windows open sometimes. (doors locked, window down)
It's debatable if the folks deserve my favors-

JanF, Is your leg broken yet?

ThommaLyn, cable, TG! I hate not hearing the news n weather! Yay to no drought for you this year-the mountain needs it! I'm a S.A.D. sufferer, n need sunlight, btw.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Liara Covert said...

The experience of living without technology, like tv, radio, etc, teaches you what you really need and what you do not. Human beings create illusions about needs. This causes them to forget what is important. One remembers how to listen to silence, to connect to nature and other energy. Some people believe it is necessary to detach from what you think is important to rediscover truth. More to it than one assumes.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Jannie Funster said...

They are both in casts now!

So I'm a-drinkin' wine.

At 3:15 AM, Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

Liara, very good point. TV isin't essential, but a comfort at times because I'm alone so much. Sometimes I enjoy silence, n wish the people downstairs would shut off their sound. I can deal without tech if I have a guitar to keep me company, n a candle when dark.

JanF, Well, keep em up, n oh, wine with the CD- as long as it isin't whine!


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